On the Job

FreCom at work!!

Public Safety Communications in
School Buildlings

One of the area learning institutions has proactively taken steps to install amplifiers in their facilities, to insure first responders can communicate when operating within the buildings. Based on a study instituted by the Chester County Department of Emergency Services, amplifier installations enhance public safety communications in student-occupied buildings. Our thanks to the local fire company & EMS for stopping by yesterday and testing the equipment!

We’re privileged to be the chosen vendor for the systems, with over 100 years of communication experience on site!

school district radios

Finished product: New school with bi-directional amplifier support for the first responders’ tactical radios, once they enter the interior of the building during an emergency. The equipment we installed will greatly enhance their ability to make sure vital communications get through!

Large Business Installations

We were fortunate to install a digital two-way radio system at a state-of-the-art mushroom growing facility.

industrial radios pennsylvania


School Bus Radios

New buses, 31, 33, 39 and 42 will be picking up students Monday, with new radio equipment aboard for this 20+ year customer. The buses didn’t arrive until Wednesday and the transportation director reached out and asked “Can you help us” ?
Yes we can – 4 and done!

18th Century Museum and Grounds

21st Century communication technology to provide safety and security for 18th Century museum and grounds. Proud to serve this long time customer and meet their needs for the present and future.