Providing Sales and Service for 34 Years

As a company devoted to service, our relationship with our customers does not end when the sale is done. We offer full service for all of the products we sell, including maintenance and the repair of damaged or broken radios.


For Businesses

  • Two-Way radios analog and digital
  • Two Way radio tower service for long range communication
  • Cellular signal boosters
  • Digital and alpha pagers
  • GPS Tracking
  • School bus security cameras and systems
  • Complete maintenance and repair services for two way radios and systems


The foundation of our business remains two-way radio communications and systems.  Our most popular products are Vertex/Standard with its 3 year warranty and the wide range of Hytera radios and repeaters.  In addition we offer GPS tracking for vehicle location, per state mileage reporting and many other vehicle reporting features.  We offer vehicle installations for two way radios and GPS tracking in our tri-state area.  We also offer repeater systems for two way radios and cellular to ensure that ample communication are ensured through out you campus or building.  Contact us by phone or e-mail to talk to us about a solution that would fit your needs.

For Consumers

  • Jitterbug cellular phones
  • Police and Fire scanners
  • Weather alert radios